Brenda White, Teambuilding

I recently attended an Improv class at the LaNuit Comedy
Theater in New Orleans. Yvonne customized a 2 day – 6
hour workshop for our training team of 7. The focus was
improv skills for trainers. Leading up to the class, I was very
nervous; I figured I would make an idiot of myself!! But it
was not intimidating at all! It was a LOT of fun. And I was
always anxious to see what was coming up next. The
training focused on so many fantastic skills. We had to think
fast on our feet. We had to problem solve. We had to build
off other team member’s ideas. We had to step into the
role of another character. We had to learn not to reject
other’s ideas, but to build off of them. Yvonne tested our
listening skills and our observation skills. In other words, we
had to IMPROVISE ! The workshop allowed us to be
creative, and use our imagination. Yvonne was very
attentive and supportive, with no judgment. It was quite a
challenge, and loads of fun. Overall, it helped with my
confidence and those skills I mentioned. I remember
Yvonne telling our group to focus on “making each other
look good”. That’s what Team Work is all about. And I think
I was able to gain a little insight into my fellow Team
Members. Would I go again? You bet I would.

Brenda White

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