Marc E. Belloni

Marc Belloni is a New Orleans treasure. An actor and singer who has appeared in scores of dramas and musicals at theaters from Rivertown to Le Petit and True Brew, to Jesuit High School and Mount Carmel High School, he has also taught drama, music, and improvisational comedy for much of his life.

Marc’s dedication to musical comedy also extends to his frequent live singing and guitar performances at Carrolton Station, Redd’s Uptilly Tavern, and other venues all over the City of New Orleans. While he occasionally lets the audience see into his heart with songs like “The Suitcase That I Left Behind” (about Hurricane Katrina), he is best known for his irreverent folk rock and his satires on famous songs like “Blister in the Sun.”

“There probably aren’t too many attorneys moonlighting as hard rock guitarists/vocalists but, one of the beauties of New Orleans is that nearly everyone here plays some kind of instrument.”

— Dean M. Shapiro
OffBeat Magazine
November 2004

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