Yvonne Landry

Yvonne smilingYvonne Landry began her career as a dancer. She was studying with Gus Giordano jazz dance company when a fellow dancer suggested that she study at the Second City in Chicago. She took his advice and the rest was history. She completed the conservatory of the Second City in 1994 — the same year in which she graduated with a dance degree from Columbia College Chicago. Yvonne went on to do live theater in Chicago at IO, the Annoyance, and many other comedy theaters. While performing Yvonne also worked in a commercial casting office. She later went on to do live action stunt shows, and eventually stunts for TV and film. She lived in Los Angeles where she was a body double to the stars. (She once body-doubled Jane Leeves on the hit show “Frasier.”)
Yvonne Landry has been improvising since 1992. She has trained with every major improvisation powerhouse in the United States. Yvonne has taught improv all over the country, including at the famed Second City Conservatory. Yvonne currently works in TV and film; and she is listed on IMDB, the Internet Movie Database.
Yvonne conducts corporate trainings using Applied Improvisation (testimonials upon request.) She is IADC certified in safety training for the oil and gas industry.

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